Hi there! I'm Ava Gordy and I've been making videos on the internet since 2011. I moved to Los Angeles from Chicago in 2015 to pursue hosting and writing! You may know me from SourceFed or you may be thinking, 'never heard of her.' These days you can find me hosting and writing over at Clevver News and What's Trending. Or scroll down and take a look at some stuff I've been up to.

Clevver News

I call Clevver the E! Entertainment of the internet. We cover celebrity trends and gossip. Here's a look at some stories I wrote and hosted.

Why Millie Bobby Brown Didn't Walk With The Stranger Things Cast

Kim Kardashian Responds To Blackface Controversy

What's Trending

What's Trending covers viral videos, images, memes, or just whatever seems to be talked about at the moment! We also have a series called 'Trend Trials' where people in our office can try something that everyone on the internet is trying!

"Glitter Boobs" Festival Goer ATTACKS Groper

Trying MEATLESS Beyond Burger VS REAL Burger


SourceFed was a channel that tackled weird or funny news stories in a comedic way. With myself alongside a team of hosts we were able to create more than just news videos including a Comment Commentary show, The SourceFed Podcast, our Co-Workers series, and so much more. 

Coworkers Learn "The Nutcracker" Ballet


My Channel

I've been making my own comedy vlogs on YouTube since 2011! I talk about anything and everything and I occasionally bring my friends on for extra laughs.

i did stand up sitting down

I never knew it would come to this and yet I knew all along this is it me reacting to bee porn